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sd_generic LIST VOICESOutput modulesFeature RequestNewNormal27/12/2017 08:51:39 AM UTCjjsa
include MaryTTS output configuration using sd_genericOutput modulesFeature RequestNewNormal24/03/2013 01:21:05 PM UTCFlorian Steinhardt
sd_generic in 0.7.1 broken with alsa: does not say first message and quitsOutput modulesBugNewNormal14/08/2011 08:08:34 PM UTCBoris Dušek
sd_espeak crashed with SIGABRT in raise()Output modulesBugNewNormal16/06/2011 05:54:02 PM UTCBoris Dušek
Change message for dummy output moduleOutput modulesBugNewNormal18/03/2011 10:48:47 AM UTCHynek Hanke
Dummy output module should only repeat it's message several timesOutput modulesFeature RequestNewNormal18/03/2011 10:44:52 AM UTCHynek Hanke
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