Issues for Turkish translation

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Check the orientation headlines and intro of Turkish translationTurkish translationAnnouncementDoneNormal28/02/2011 09:22:39 PM UTCPetr TopiarzPetr TopiarzHynek Hanke
Checking results of Turkish Translation in Beginner& Pre-Intermediate levels of previous updateTurkish translationBugOpenNormal21/02/2011 09:59:34 AM UTCNeslihan FilizPetr TopiarzMatěj Brabec
Important point to considerTurkish translationBugOpenNormal07/02/2011 11:05:51 AM UTCNeslihan FilizMilena FarahatPetr Topiarz
Comments on some vocabulary items in Beginner- Wrestling & Weightlifting Turkish translationBugOpenNormal24/01/2011 03:15:14 PM UTCNeslihan FilizMatěj BrabecPetr Topiarz
Some re-corrections for Beginner- Wrestling & WeightliftingTurkish translationBugOpenNormal24/01/2011 03:08:15 PM UTCNeslihan FilizMilena FarahatPetr Topiarz
Some re-corrections for Beginner- Ball SportsTurkish translationBugDoneNormal24/01/2011 02:58:38 PM UTCNeslihan FilizMilena FarahatPetr Topiarz
About gymnastic unitTurkish translationBugOpenNormal19/01/2011 02:29:41 PM UTCNeslihan FilizPetr TopiarzMatěj Brabec
2nd large piece of vocabulary feedbackTurkish translationBugOpenNormal09/01/2011 10:02:35 PM UTCPetr TopiarzPetr TopiarzMatěj Brabec