TitleProjectCategoryStatePriorityCreatedReported byAssigned toReviewer
sd_generic LIST VOICESOutput modulesFeature RequestNewNormal27.12.2017 08:51:39 UTCjjsa
Spelling mistakesSpeech DispatcherBugNewLow15.07.2017 12:24:05 UTCSamuel Thibault
German translationSpeech DispatcherFeature RequestNewNormal19.06.2017 23:43:31 UTCSamuel Thibault
cutting off the end of phrases while using FliteSpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal05.03.2017 23:11:04 UTCSamuel Thibault
spd-conf fails to parse command line optionsSpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal22.01.2017 15:59:35 UTCTblue
when encountering a word or series of letters in all caps, espeak's frequency, inflection? Pitch? Not sure of the exact problem, takes a few seconds to return to normalSpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal12.01.2016 06:03:37 UTCcoffeeking
provide a proper espeak varient implementationSpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal12.01.2016 05:59:03 UTCcoffeeking
Pitch seems to step down rather than immediately changeSpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal06.11.2015 06:34:58 UTCJoanmarie
speech-dispatcher.pc contains undefined variable 'includedir'Speech DispatcherBugDoneNormal17.07.2015 08:15:33 UTCmohan43ujpwhiting
Wrong pkgconfig path generated in .pc fileSpeech DispatcherBugDoneNormal15.07.2015 13:44:25 UTCSven-Hendrik Haasejpwhiting
Double ampersand spoken as XML entity when punctuation level set to allSpeech DispatcherBugOpenNormal06.08.2014 15:17:46 UTCJoanmarieLuke Yelavich
breaks pydoc3.4 -k xxxPython APIBugNewNormal22.05.2014 10:11:45 UTCdimaqq
C API connection checksAPIsFeature RequestNewNormal22.05.2013 15:07:41 UTCFlorian Steinhardt
include MaryTTS output configuration using sd_genericOutput modulesFeature RequestNewNormal24.03.2013 13:21:05 UTCFlorian Steinhardt
LIST SYNTHESIS_VOICES returns wrong voice namesSpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal23.01.2013 13:24:24 UTCMarcus Habermehl
config.py from speechd_config causing an error in pydocAPIsBugNewNormal14.01.2013 12:00:44 UTCMarcus Habermehl
Add pitch as an option for capitalization presentationSpeech DispatcherFeature RequestNewLow30.11.2012 20:26:11 UTCJoanmarie
set_debug* methods of SSIPClient class are brokenPython APIBugNewNormal05.11.2012 22:03:03 UTCMarcus Habermehl
Add GObject Introspection Support for Speech DispatcherSpeech DispatcherFeature RequestNewNormal12.05.2012 23:01:26 UTCJoanmarie
ImportError running spd-confSpeech DispatcherBugDoneNormal24.11.2011 12:34:05 UTCXavier de GayeHynek Hanke
sd_generic in 0.7.1 broken with alsa: does not say first message and quitsOutput modulesBugNewNormal14.08.2011 20:08:34 UTCBoris Dušek
sd_espeak crashed with SIGABRT in raise()Output modulesBugNewNormal16.06.2011 17:54:02 UTCBoris Dušek
speech dispatcher does not work in user-mode; spd-say produces no outputSpeech DispatcherBugDoneNormal18.04.2011 04:31:54 UTCrobHynek Hanke
Refuse to start under root?Speech DispatcherFeature RequestNewNormal18.03.2011 11:01:08 UTCHynek Hanke
Change message for dummy output moduleOutput modulesBugNewNormal18.03.2011 10:48:47 UTCHynek Hanke
Dummy output module should only repeat it's message several timesOutput modulesFeature RequestNewNormal18.03.2011 10:44:52 UTCHynek Hanke
Honor LANGUAGE and/or LANG variables for DefaultLanguageSpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal12.03.2011 16:36:07 UTCBoris Dušek
Festival module should interface Festival TTS locallySpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal02.03.2011 11:03:10 UTCHynek Hanke
Port to Mac OS XSpeech DispatcherFeature RequestOpenNormal25.10.2010 12:00:09 UTCBoris DušekBoris Dušek
Dynamic loading of output modulesSpeech DispatcherFeature RequestNewNormal22.10.2010 13:08:36 UTCHynek Hanke
Function and identifiers names cleanupSpeech DispatcherBugNewNormal22.10.2010 12:51:47 UTCHynek Hanke
Code reformattingSpeech DispatcherBugOpenNormal22.10.2010 12:49:08 UTCHynek Hanke
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