post #9692 Neslihan Filiz 28/11/2011 12:16 PM:


We produced the training book with DVDs (actually CDs, because the size fits), but they don't run automatically. When you try to run a CD in a PC using Internet Explorer 8, it doesn't run automatically (even if the folders include "AUTORUN"). But, when we try to run them in the PCs using Internet Explorer 8.076 as the web browser, the CD runs automatically. But, I know that our training modules requires internet explorer 8 or higher version.

what is the reason:(?

post #9741 Hynek Hanke 29/11/2011 09:46 AM:

Ok, now I understand. This has nothing to do with the version of Internet Explorer. The textbook works with IE8.

The autorun files are correct, but there can be many reasons why a computer could fail to run it. So you must consult your technical staff to fix your computers or instruct the students to click on the index.en.html or file on the CD. This is also why we have there the README file, which suggests just that.
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