post #4333 Hynek Hanke 18/03/2011 11:01 AM:

Speech Dispatcher should perhaps refuse to start under the 'root' user. The reasons are:

1) Security concerns

2) Accidental autospawns when working as superuser, commonly leading to problems
for other ordinary users (resource blocking)

3) Accidental autospawns by automatically started system services leading
to the same problems as #2

This is only a concept, it must be carefully considered in all its relations
before implementing such a change.

The system services and applications unable to run under anything else than root
(e.g. BrlTTY) can still interface a system instance of Speech Dispatcher, launched
via /etc/init.d/ and running under a special user, such as 'speech-dispatcher'
or any other. This is likely already the case on most installations, but some
installations *might* rely on ALSA and automatic autospawn under root, which
would be prevented by this change.
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