post #2370 Hynek Hanke 22/10/2010 01:08 PM:

The AddModule option in the configuration file is confusing and it is the only bigger reason why users need to edit the configuration files. We shall determine the set of available modules dynamically based on their presence.

1) Remove AddModule option from the configuration file
2) Introduce an option ModuleDir in the configuration file
3) On server startup, examine all modules in ModuleDir and try to load as modules those which export the correct API
4) Modules which cannot start (e.g. because the synthesizer is not installed) should report so and exit gracefully

post #2378 Boris Dušek 24/10/2010 09:52 PM:

Solution for generic modules should be based on presence of an executable specified either by an absolute path, or executable name searched in PATH. In any case, information about the name of executable used in the generic module must be present in the generic module configuration file using some new directive, so that check for its presence and thus module's functionality can be made.
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