post #23428 Marcus Habermehl 23/01/2013 01:24 PM:

eSpeak has two voices, that are returned with wrong names by speech-dispatcher. And this voices can not be set with SET SYNTHESIS_VOICE.

$ espeak --voices

 5  fr-be          M  french (Belgium)  fr-be       (fr 8)

 5  nci            M  nahuatl - classical test/nci    

The tuples for this two voices in Python:
('french', '(Belgium)', 'fr')
('nahuatl', '-', 'classical')

Since set_syncthesis_voice requires the voice name only, it can't differentiate between ('french', 'fr', 'fr') and ('french', '(Belgium)', 'fr').

post #56906 Samuel Thibault 18/04/2018 04:56 PM:

This seems to have been fixed, with speech dispatcher 0.8.8 : I am getting

('French_(Belgium)', 'fr', 'be')
('Nahuatl_(Classical)', 'nci', 'none')
Total records: 2
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